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Programmable Hoists
programmable_hoists programmable_hoists
programmable_hoists programmable_hoists

Our fully automatic, enclosed Programmable Hoist systems can process baskets, racks, or barrels with loads to 2000 pounds through multiple cycles. They are ideal for cleaning, pickling, bright-dipping, phosphating, chromating or passivating and are easily designed with ultrasonics.

Conveyor Washers

conveyor_washers conveyor_washers
conveyor_washers conveyor_washers
Conveyor washers are ideally suited for processing parts with smooth surfaces that are easily drained, or oriented in baskets or racks.

These systems are available in a variety of sizes and process stages for stand alone operation or intergration into automated production lines.

agitation_washers agitation_washers
agitation_washers agitation_washers

Agitation Washers

The Indexing Agitated immersion design exposes parts to a natural flusing action, with a degree of agitation that can be modified for the sensitivity of the parts. Baskets or racks of parts are processed through dedicated stages to process from 10 to 120 baskets of work per hour.

Rotating Baskets

Our multi-stage Cellular Rotating Basket Cleaning Machine utilizes environmentally safe, aqueous cleaners to effectively clean, de-chip, rinse and dry a wide variety of ferrous, and non-ferrous machined parts.

Units are available to handle up to ten (10) baskets per cycle and offer multi-action cleaning with high volume turbulated immersion, high impact spray impingement and/or ultrasonics.


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